Red Flag Gun Laws by State

Red Flag Statutes By State

Red Flag Laws: Where the Bills Stand in Each State Since the Parkland shooting, nine states have enacted legislation that allows law enforcement to remove guns from individuals deemed a risk to themselves or others. BY SEAN CAMPBELL AND ALEX YABLON ·March 29, 2018 · UPDATED April 12, 2019 4:03 pm EDT Following the Parkland school shooting, state lawmakers across […]

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House at it again.
More gun control.

Democratic Led House Passes Gun Legislation

The Nancy Pelosi led house of representatives passed (in the house) more legislation to restrict the rights of gun owners.

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Colorado shooting

Politicians Ruin Students Vigil For Colorado Shooting Victim.

The friends and family of the slain classmate of the Colorado shooting were holding a vigil for their friend, when politictions hell bent on gun control took over the vigil and ruined it. Really? W0W… AP Photo/David Zalubowsk In the wake of any tragedy, someone is bound to organize a vigil. It’s something that we […]

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NJ fleecing gun buyers

NJ Gov. Set TO Fleece Gun Buyers.

Does this violate the of rights of lower income gun buyers?

The people who may need the gun for protection and hunting more than anybody else?

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Mexico troops take aim at US troops

Trump Warns Mexico

Better not pull guns on our National Guards again… By Brooke Singman | Fox News Watch the latest video at Raw video: President Trump tells a child the border wall is ‘being built now’ while signing cards at the annual Easter Egg Roll event at the White House. President Trump on Wednesday warned Mexico after their […]

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USA is Out of UN Gun Treaty

UN Guns Treaty Ended

POTUS signs Unites States Out Of Obama-ERA UN Gun Deal. Trump Moves To Pull US From UN Gun Treaty ObamaBy Randy DeSotoPublished April 26, 2019 at 11:52am President Donald Trump told the attendees at the National Rifle Association’s annual gathering in Indianapolis on Friday that he is “taking our signature back” from a United Nations […]

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Kamala Harris vows Executive action on guns

The fight continues for gun control… The 2nd Amendment clearly lays out the rules but elected officials feel it’s their right (maybe duty) to add and subtract to the rights of gun owners. I wish they had the same concerns when it comes to the treatment of the mentally ill who commit these crimes and […]

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Can You Use Cannabis and keep Your Guns

H. R. 2071 Would Allow Cannabis Patients To Buy And Keep Guns IHL   April 23, 2019     A Republican lawmaker has proposed legislation that would help square the Second Amendment with some who use (medical) cannabis in accordance with state law. The measure, H.R. 2071, was introduced in the House earlier this month by […]

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