How to stay warm all night

Super Shelter and All Night Fire

If you’ve ever camped out in the cold you know how great a fire feels.

And… you know what a pain it is to get up and stoke it every two or three hours all night.

When I was a kid I use to take bailing twine and tie up bundles of wood then hang them over a limb above the fire. When it started to get cold I’d just drop one of the bundles and just like that, I was good for another 3 hours more or less.

By tying 4 or 5 of these bundles over a good limb or two I could be warm all night and not have to get up and stoke the fire.

I’m sure you could rig something like that up on a tripod if you wanted to go through the trouble.

But What If You could:

Build a fire that lasted for 14 hours

That’s exactly what Graeme Hunter did.
Using a super shelter tent design and his all-night fire Graeme was able to stay warm all night without getting up and stoking the fire.
He slept like a baby all night even though it rained a good part of the night.

Here’s how he did it

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